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A Stylish Rustic Engagement Session: Becky + Steven

Oh you’re going to love this.  Or at least I’m hoping that you will!  I am ecstatic about sharing this blog post for two special reasons:

1st: I photographed Becky’s older sister’s wedding!  Remember Liz & Cameron’s beautiful vineyard wedding in Ronda, NC? If not, you  can view pics of their wedding here (Becky was the maid of honor, of course)

2nd – Becky ended up catching the bouquet and Steven caught the garter!  Here’s a pic, it’s just too cute not to share:

And now, Becky and Steven are officially engaged!  I’m super bummed though that I won’t be able to photograph their wedding:(
Becky asked if I was available but unfortunately, their wedding is the day after my birthday and I’m planning to treat myself to a vacation that month and I don’t know how long I’ll be gone (Paris, London or Iceland anyone?!!)
We did however talk about possibly getting together after the wedding to do a Bride+Groom shoot, so I’m excited about that!

We met up at the Manassas Battlefield Park on a really windy day but Becky and Steven were such troopers.  We laughed it off and even with our hair being blown all over the place, nobody complained:)

So here are some of their engagement pics!  I have a ton of favorites and had the hardest time narrowing them down:

Not only are they a ridiculously GORGEOUS couple but they’re also such sweet, laid back and easy-going people.


This is definitely one of my favorites.  And yes, I was squealing after I took this shot.
Just a quick note to all my future brides and clients: When I start squealing, that means you’re doing EXACTLY what I have envisioned and I know the photo is going to be amazing.

Becky is a soft spoken and laid back type of person and was a little camera shy at first.
But when she told me that she ordered her dress (yes, that sexy coral pleated dress) from for the engagement shoot, I urged her to have fun with it!  So000, we added a dash of fashion fierceness to the engagement shoot:) After all, the wind was already giving her that natural supermodel hair-blown effect.  Needless to say, she rocked it effortlessly and I’m SO glad I have amazing clients that trust my vision and ideas:)

This reminds me of an Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle ad.
Hey Becky & Steven…if I come across a model casting call for A&F or American Eagle, I’m totally submitting this photo!
Just an FYI 😉

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Anna - OMG getting so excited about my shoot with Adam. Gonna get seriously glammed up. I think I want to do it at Manassas battlefield! Eeeek!

Melissa - Wow! They are seriously GORGEOUS! Love Battlefield!

lizmaryann - thank you so much Melissa! :)

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